Jane Iverson, photojournalist and fine art photographer based in Bangkok, has documented the lives, cultural events and festivals of Asian people through her photography, articles and fine art exhibitions for more than 15 years.

Some Selected Links

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Marsha Hedrick -- Porcelain Artist      Porcelain Artist. Making beads, jewelry and dollhouse miniatures.

www.artfusionstudio.com      Glass fused art, photography, photography lab, acrylic fabrication, custom furniture, wood working.

www.deanlively.com      Fine art gallery in historic downtown Edmond, Oklahoma.

www.eusa.org      ExhibitsUSA is a national museum service used to create access to an array of arts and humanities exhibitions. 

www.lalunagallery.com      Located in the heart of Chiang Mai,  La Luna Gallery is the centre for contemporary and abstract art in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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