Jane Iverson, photojournalist and fine art photographer who is based in Bangkok, has documented the lives, cultural events and festivals of Asian people through her photography, articles and fine art



Artist Statement
Jane Iverson is an Oklahoman who has become well-known for her photographic documentation of Southeast Asia. As a Bangkok-based photojournalist, Jane has traveled extensively and enjoys capturing the spirit of the people as she documents Asian life through unique cultural events.

"As an individual looking in on a world so diverse from my American roots, I am thankful for the opportunities I have been given to document the cultures and subcultures of Asia. Each and every culture is vibrantly rich—filled with tradition, rituals, celebrations and daily life. I am inspired and humbled by the people I encounter: their simplicity, their hospitality, their graciousness and their generosity. In a world with so many diffferences, I also find it a world filled with similarities."

"I am honored by the enthusiasm tht accompanies my photographic documentaries. Each exhibition gives me the opportunity to expand the boundaries between cultures by opening up a tangible dialogue for learning and understanding about our global partners."

Ms. Iverson's portfolio includes solo and group exhibitions, as well as numerous View Jane's portfolio listing of exhibitions, published works and more...